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Incense Cedars for $40

We have a selection of 15-gallon Incense Cedars that we are selling for $40 (normally $99.50). These trees are "landscape quality" meaning that they are healthy and ready to be planted in the ground, but they are often overlooked by retail customers because of their current features. They are missing low branches which will most likely never fill in, but it will not be noticeable as they become large trees (only the bottom foot or two is bare). 


Incense Cedar, Calocedrus Decurrens, is a native evergreen tree that you find mainly in Soulsbyville and above. They thrive at that elevation, but do just fine at lower elevations with moderate watering until established. They prefer full sun and space to get large (to 100 feet tall or more with time). Cedars can be used for privacy screening, to provide shade, or simply to add a nice, stately native tree to the yard.

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Birthday Discount - 10% off!


We want to celebrate your birthday with you! Come by the nursery within one month of your birthday to receive a 10% discount on any purchase. Be sure to mention this post and bring a valid ID to verify your birthday.

The discount does not apply to special orders or landscape work, and can not be combined with other sales or discounts.

Happy birthday, from all of us at Solomon's Gardens!


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