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Nursery & Landscaping in Tuolumne County

To get an idea of the plants at our nursery and the landscape designs that we create, please browse the photos below.

There are more pictures on our Facebook page, and you can find general availability on the What We Have page.

Our Nursery

At Solomon's Gardens, we aim to grow healthy plants that are ready to be taken home. Our nursery has a variety of items that come in different shapes, sizes, and beautiful colors!


The plants displayed here are just a sample of what can be found on our 4-acre nursery.

Landscape Jobs

While driving around Tuolumne County, you might be surprised at how many landscape jobs were designed and installed by Solomon's Gardens! Over the past three decades, we have landscaped hundreds of personal and corporate properties - all of which are beautiful, unique, and sustainable. 

Scroll down for videos that show the creation of some amazing landscapes!

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