Landscape Supplies in Sonora

In addition to the variety of perennials, trees, shrubs, and fruit trees in stock, we also offer other landscape creations and supplies. Our team can build a custom fountain, pond, or waterfall that is perfect for any property! In addition, we have boulders, rocks, compost, soil mixes & amendments, and garden pots & accessories available. Our Garden Center products can help add a fresh look to your property!

Decorative Pots

We carry a selection of beautiful pots by AW Pottery! These unique pots can be planted in or used as decoration around your property. They are freeze-proof so you don't have to worry about them cracking in the winter, and they are sturdy enough to last for years to come (we recently sold a large pot that has been at the nursery since 1994 - and it was still in perfect condition). A decorative pot can add a whole new look to your yard and there are many sizes and styles to choose from! Click here to see what we have and feel free to contact us if you would like more photos or have any questions. 

Compost, Soil Mixes, & Fertilizers


We have ready-to-carry bags and bottles of soil amendments and fertilizers by G&B Organics. These products, all of which are 100% organic, help fuel plant growth and restore vitality to depleted soil. 

Compost and soil mixes are also sold at our nursery in bulk.  We sell Farmers Compost, composted nursery bi-product, vegetable planting mixes, and potting soil mixes by the yard.
Click here for soil mix availability and pricing!

Gopher Baskets

A gopher basket can save your plants from being eaten from below ground. We carry gopher baskets by RootGuard which can help protect your plants from gopher damage. Planting with a gopher basket is highly recommended if you have noticed any gopher activity in your area. Here is what we carry: 

  • 1-gallon 'Speed Basket': 4-pack for $9.95

  • 1-gallon 'Gopher Wire Basket': 2-pack for $5.79

  • 5-gallon 'Speed Basket': 2-pack for $9.95

  • 5-gallon 'Gopher Wire Basket': $5.79 each

  • 15-gallon 'Gopher Wire Basket': $8.50 each

  • 15-gallon 'Speed Basket': $9.95 each

Deer & Rodent Repellent

It's no secret that deer are prevalent in Tuolumne County. They may be cute, but they can destroy plants quickly by eating them and/or rutting them in the fall.  We carry sprays and pellets that can deter deer and protect your plants from damage. In addition to deer, we have products that can keep other pests like rats, mice, voles, and rodents away. Here is what we carry: 

  • 40oz bottle Deer Out spray: $19.99

  • 40oz bottle Critter Out spray: $19.99

  • 48oz bottle Deer Out pumper: $24.95

  • 3.5lb jug Plantskydd granular (Deer, Rabbits, Voles): $24.99

  • 3lb bag Plantskydd granular (Deer, Elk, Moose): $26.95

  • 1-gallon bottle Deer Out refill: $36.99

  • 32oz bottle Deer Out concentrate (makes 2.5 gallons): $39.95 

  • 1-gallon bottle Deer Out refill: $36.99

  • 7lb bag Plantskydd granular (Deer, Elk, Moose): $44.95

Handcrafted Yard Art
We have a selection of beautiful, handcrafted yard art by Steve Southerland of Cow Camp Art!
Add a unique look to your yard with a decorative metal stake or hanging bell. Metal stakes come in a variety of designs including hands with hearts, birds, a large daisy, a perched dragonfly, a large sunflower, and more. 
Click here for photos and pricing 🌿
Trellises and Garden Decor
We carry a variety of metal trellises and garden decorations by Artisan Trellis of El Dorado Hills, California. 
You can browse their inventory by clicking here. If you find something you like, we may have it in stock or we might be able to bring it in on a future order. Contact us for availability and pricing. 
Boulders & Rock

We use rock on our landscape jobs and we store the leftover pieces at our nursery. These pieces are for sale and are priced by weight.  We also carry a 3/4" crushed brown decorative gravel for $130/yard. You can browse our rock yard to see if we have what you are looking for. Another place nearby with a great rock selection is Rolleri Landscape Products in Angels Camp at 1142 Murphys Grade Road. 


We can deliver and install all of our rock material wherever you need them for an added charge.

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