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Tuolumne County Nursery

After 6 years of doing small landscape jobs around Tuolumne County, George Kirk opened Solomon's Gardens Nursery in Sonora. With only enough greenery to cover about 1/4-acre of land, the 4-acre nursery seemed pretty empty at first. Over time, however, Solomon's Gardens Nursery began to grow...literally! 


New plants and trees began to spring up, new faces joined the landscape team, and new customers started trusting Solomon's Gardens with their plant and landscape needs. Since then, the nursery has been filled with countless varieties of plants and the landscape business has completed thousands of jobs in and around Tuolumne County.

What's Next?

In the future, Solomon's Gardens will continue to create unique, innovative landscapes that impact the environment in a positive way. We hope to be the best landscape company around, offering designs that are different from the rest and able to use less water and energy than traditional landscapes.

And as George inches closer to retirement, he is teaching his two youngest children about the business so that they can be involved in the future development of Solomon's Gardens.

George Kirk


George Kirk was born and raised in the Bay Area of California. At a young age, he was passionate about art and later developed an interest in plants and landscape design. At the age of 16, he began working for a small landscape company in Redwood City. As a running enthusiast, he would run to and from work every day. As time went on, he fell in love with landscape and obtained his license to be a Landscape Contractor in 1976. That same year, he opened his own landscape business, using plants which he grew at his parents' house. 


In 1980, George moved his wife and young children up to the mountains where they built a house in Mi Wuk Village. For years he had a small plot of land next to his house where he grew plants for various landscape jobs. In 1986, he purchased the property in Sonora where Solomon's Gardens is currently located. The acres of land seemed empty at first, but over time it was filled with the beautiful trees, shrubs, grasses, roses, rocks, statues, fountains, and flowers you can see today. In 1986, George also became a licensed Landscape Architect and continued to plan and develop beautiful landscapes in and around Tuolumne County. 


George has six children and nine grandchildren which live all over - from Alaska to Costa Rica. He continues to live in Mi Wuk, and although he doesn't run to and from work anymore, he is still an avid runner and swimmer. With over 40 years of experience, George manages Solomon's Gardens and provides the Foothills with beautiful plants and creative, sustainable landscapes. 

Best landscape contractor Sonora CA
The Tuolumne County Community


Solomon's Gardens is committed to offering professional service and quality products to the community. We give real advice and  honest recommendations when it comes to choosing plants because, to us, customer satisfaction is more important than a sale. 


We try to be available via phone, email, and Facebook to answer all questions in a timely manner. Click here for our contact information!

For the Community and the Environment

Tuolumne County plant nursery
Plant nursery Sonora California
The Environment


Even before drought became such a regular problem for California, Solomon's Gardens was creating sustainable, low-water-use landscapes. We were among the first to adopt "green" landscaping practices, because we care about the environment and we know that using less water saves money. 


Our team has years of experience choosing drought-tolerant plants, recycling materials, using organic fertilizers, and installing more drip systems and fewer wasteful sprinklers. With the wellfare of the environment in mind, our customers can save money while conserving valuable water and energy.

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