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Landscape Design in Sonora, CA

For over 35 years, Solomon's Gardens has served the Foothills of Northern California by providing quality plants and landscapes that will survive in the area. Tuolumne County faces cold winters, deer, and now drought, so we specialize in plants that can withstand these environmental factors.  


We aim to be the best landscapers around by offering the expertise, professionalism, efficiency, and quality that our customers deserve. 

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Our History

After 6 years of doing small landscape jobs around Tuolumne County, George Kirk opened Solomon's Gardens Nursery in Sonora. With only enough greenery to cover about 1/4-acre of land, the 4-acre nursery seemed pretty empty at first. Over time, however, Solomon's Gardens Nursery began to grow...literally! 

Our Mission


At Solomon's Gardens Nursery, our goal is to grow happy, healthy plants that are specific to the needs of residents of Tuolumne County and surrounding areas. We aim to offer the knowledge and experience that can't be found at big chain stores so that our customers can find the perfect plants that will brighten their property year after year. 

In our landscape business, our mission is to provide creative landscapes that are both appealing and sustainable. With mandatory water cuts and the need for Californians to conserve, we offer an innovative alternative to traditional turf that can cut water usage by up to 90%. We provide this alternative to the Foothills while delivering a certain level of quality and efficiency that only comes from years of experience in landscaping. 

Committed to the Community and the Environment

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Quality and Sustainability


Solomon's Gardens is committed to serving the Foothills. Our goal is to provide the best landscape service in Tuolumne County while staying environmentally-conscious by reducing water and energy usage on each job that we do. 

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