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Order Sod in Sonora

We can order sod through Delta Blue Grass Company! Check out for photos and more information on the different varieties of sod available. We order sod as a service to our customers only. We are not responsible for late deliveries and we offer no guarantees. Contact us to place your order today!

There is a minimum of 200 square feet to order.


where to buy sod in Sonora ca


-Sod can usually be delivered 2 days after the order is placed.
-Normally sod can be delivered on Saturdays, as long as the order is in by Thursday of that week.  
-We will call you the day before your delivery with an expected delivery time (usually a 2 hour window).

  • Sod delivered straight to your home: $110

  • Sod delivered to the nursery (must be picked up same day): $50

    • We may be able to help load directly into your vehicle with our tractor. This is subject to us having a tractor available, and a man to operate it. If your vehicle is too narrow to have the pallet loaded directly onto it, the sod will need to be loaded by hand. We may ask you to sign a waiver releasing us of any damage to your vehicle during loading and/or transportation of the sod.


  • Under 2,000 square feet:

    • $400 flat rate

    • $450 flat rate for native varieties

  • Over 2,000 square feet: 

    • $0.25 per square foot

    • $0.30 per square foot for native varieties

Sod for sale 95370

Sod Starter Fertilizer:

Sod starter fertilizer gives your sod a good start:  
  • 16-pound bag (covers 1,200 square feet): $19.95 + tax
    (leftover fertilizer can be saved and used later)
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